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          Registration Is  Not Yet Open

     Registration Fees 2022

Vehicle and Driver.        $110

12 and up Passenger.    $10

Under 12                       Free

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It has been a while so we would like to provide an update. There are still a lot of things up in the air right now. Current restrictions would tell us that we will not be doing an event this year, but a lot of things are going to happen over the next couple of months which may change things and we are being optimistic. We are not able to book venues or make any commitments and therefore we will not be opening any type of registration until we can get firm direction. Last years amount from the donations was just over $10k. We still have not submitted a cheque but will as soon as we are able to. It may turn out that we do two presentations if we are able to hold an event this year.  Even if we are not able to run an event this year, we still want Jeepapalooza to carry on. We will need additional support for this to happen. Travis has been a great asset to the team, but he is also a big part of 4WDABC and due to competing requirements for his time has made the decision to step down. We are now looking for people who would like to join us as directors and in key roles. We are looking for someone to fill the following roles to remove some of the strain on two of us.

Financial Tracker – just keeping track of the pennies, what is coming in what is going out. You don’t need to have credentials but knowing excel and being able to add might be critical requirements. The spreadsheets are made and up to date, we just need someone to take it over to lighten the load.

Swag coordinator – We recognize the swag stuff was a nightmare, both for us and everyone ordering. We would like someone who can take the orders and work with suppliers to fill those orders. Some of the things we have thrown around is opening the store year-round for Jeepapalooza items. Items with the year on it would be for the events only, otherwise there would be no year on the items.

Secretary – someone to keep us on track with thank you letters, creating donation letters, and dealing with general correspondence

Donations – Someone to head up getting donations for our events, not necessarily doing it yourself but coordinating those who are doing it so we are not hitting up business’ multiple times and we are recognizing those who donate.

Volunteer coordinator – we have a tremendous amount of people who want to volunteer, this would be someone who can track who wants to do what and kind of organize who is where. We understand this can be like herding cats so patience will be required.

Ideally, we would like to fill all of these positions, but we need to at least fill one in order to continue on with the primary event. We would like to see the association grow a bit and possibly do a couple of one day events throughout the year such as BBQ’s, ramp days etc as they seem to have dwindled off between all of the clubs (even prior to COVID).

If you have the time and desire to be a part of this in a bigger way get in contact with Belinda or Steve and let us know what you would be interested in doing.

Thank you for your support over the past years and we hope to be able to continue this on once we get back to some sort of normal.


MAY long weekend 2022





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Pet Policy & Options 

While we all love our pets, unfortunately the event has a  no pet policy on the event grounds at any time . However , like last year our award winning  local kennel / doggy camp is honouring a discount per night per pet.  Its close by so you can visit your furry friend when you want to and pick them up on the way out for a run so they can be with you for the day on the trails .  Please click on the link to take you to their site.  Be sure to mention that you are attending Jeepapalooza  to get the discounted rate. 


  Comox Valley ,BC

Lets all Come together to the event that raises funds to support the battle against cancer in our 2022 event.  Our last event raised just over $36,500. (Just over $100,000 over
6 years) Together we can add more to that total in 2022.