The Jeepapalooza Association of BC

Come together for the event that raises funds to support the battle against cancer in our 2020 Jeepapalooza.  Last year the event raised just over $36,500 (Over $100,000 in the last 6 years). Together we can add more to that total in 2020. 


Jeepapalooza 2021

Good evening everyone, as things are starting to open again, we are going to start pulling out the paperwork and list, blow the dust off them and start planning Jeepapalooza for 2022. The dates will most likely be gates opening on Friday the 20th of May around noon and going until Monday the 23rd. All of those who chose to have their registration fees held have a spot reserved. It is going to take us a bit to get back into monitoring the website, getting the store back up and running and being active on the Facebook pages. We will continue to have the open Jeepapalooza page, a closed participants page and a closed volunteer page.

The participants page will be managed the same way as before, if you are the person who registered the vehicle then you will have access. Others will be given access on a case-by-case basis, i.e. the primary person does not have Facebook. If the name you use on Facebook is different than the one you registered with, you need to let us know or we will initially decline you.

We are going to run the volunteers a little different this year. In the past volunteers paid their registration fees just like everyone else. We have had a lot of people say they would volunteer and unfortunately when the time came, many were no where to be found. If you want to be a volunteer, that is great, but please let us know what your commitment level is going to be. We will continue to collect registration fees from volunteers as in previous years but this year, after the event, if you have met a certain commitment level, we will give you the option to donate your fees or have them returned to you. This is just for your fees only and not those of your guest (unless they are volunteering as well). We understand this event is not going to happen without the hard work of all those who have volunteered.

Right now, we need a few things from all of you;

1. Reserve the date

2. Let us know what you would like to see. If you have been to one previously, let us know how we can improve, please email these to

3. Let us know if you can volunteer to help us out. There is only two of us. We need onsite volunteers for the weekend, but we also need volunteers to help year-round. A few of the positions we would like to have year-round are:

a. Swag coordinator – taking orders for merchandise off the website and through emails etc. This is one area where we need to do better and we know it, there were to many people doing different things, trying to be a part of it. We saw the problems and we know some of those who made orders were frustrated.

b. Trail master – We do not care if you wheel, although that would be nice, but we need someone to organize the runs, trail leads, and tail gunners. How many we can have on each run is a critical piece of the event as we all have been in the line with 50 of our friends going nowhere.

c. Camp entertainment – organizing food, music, and other events. We have had request for some small seminars for things such as winching and just going through our vehicles to get to know them. If you are or know a professional who would be happy to put on a seminar, we would like to hear from you.

d. Donations and prizes – organizing all the donations we get from our supporters and arranging to have them raffled and auctioned.

e. Corporate sponsors – liaising with all those great businesses who support our cause, making sure they are recognized and maximizing our relationship with them.

For those who won the prizes last year, we will still have the raffle tickets and other items available to you.

Tentatively, we will open the early bird registration at noon on December 18th, 2021. This is for all those who donated their registration fees in 2020.

Open registration will be tentatively set for noon on January 8th, 2022. We do not know capacities yet as it will depend on several things such as venue, trail capacities and of course the Public Health Officer, cause lets face it, I do not think any of us believe COVID will be completely over by then.

While nothing is guaranteed we are certain it will be in the Courtenay/Comox area.

This is where we are at. We will post more information as soon as we have it.

Thank you again for your patience and support and we look forward to seeing everyone in the spring.

Steve and Belinda


MAY long weekend 2020






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