Beginner / Easy

Never wheeled before or not much ,and want to see and learn what your 4x4 can do on an easy and comfortable trail, you will be able to use 4wd at certain points its a fun time with no stress


 You have used 4wd , are more confident and aware on what you as the driver and your 4x4 can do, fun obstacles and challenges with available spotters


You are fully confident on what you and your locked and loaded 4x4 can do , must be able to self repair and recover


Lockers, winches, lifts you name it. You're a bit crazy and you love it! Self repair, self recovery and must rely on friends/passengers to spot and guide you back to camp

Free Wheeler

Basically the same as advanced and hardcore, not a lead run, you must be able to follow mapping and gps. Same skill requirements as hardcore.