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Beginner / Easy

Never wheeled before or have little experience with your vehicle off road. For stock and full-sized vehicles. While damage is rare, it can happen. There is a good probability of pin striping. Trails will be easy and for the most part comfortable. 4wd will be required at certain points.


Off-road experience is required. Higher ground clearance vehicles with larger tires are recommended.The potential for damage and  pin striping is highly likely.Trails will include a mix of solid rock, stumps and roots.Some off camber situations will occur. Operators must have confidence in their vehicle control.


A higher level of off road experience is required. Operators must be comfortable with the limits of their vehicles. Modified vehicles are a must with a combination of lockers and winches. Operators must be prepared for self recovery. There is a high risk of damage and pin striping will happen.Trails will consist of steep and rocky terrain. Vehicles will be put in significant off camber situations. 4 low will be required.

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