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What to expect upon arrival:

* “Depending on arrival, you will be greeted by a volunteer. At the first check-in station you will be directed by Maia and Josh to confirm your registration. Please provide the driver name that was registered online. They will provide you with the waiver forms to complete in full and hand to the second team

“Next you will be greeted by Calvin the Head Gate Keeper and Paul our webmaster where they will ensure the insurance forms are completed accurately.

They will review some of the rules such as quiet times, driving speeds and you will receive your wrist bands that MUST be worn at all times throughout the weekend.

Lastly, they will hand you your awesome goodie bags filled with lots of cool stuff!”

“Then it’s off to the parking crew. They will direct you to your camping area. Please be patient, this is a huge event with many people & vehicles to place. The only way to guarantee being able to camp with friends & family is to arrive at the same time. We will try to do our best to get you guys together but there is no guarantee unless you arrive together.”

*Please be advised that there is gas, food and town within 10-15 minutes drive from the event site*

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